Andreas and Pelle standing in the brewery at the location in Bro.

No walk in the park but we got this craft beer flying

Welcome to a journey filled with big and small challenges, trusting your inner guts and a never-ending pursuit of making great craft beer.

It all began in 2011. It was time to spread our wings to see where it could take us. A flight which would hopefully take us to the place where we were meant to be. So, which path to take? What the hell do we really want to do in this thing called life? We had many common passions and interests. To make a great craft beer and offer it to everyone who enjoys great beers was the one idea we kept coming back to. Time to learn how to make this beer biz fly.

The very first batch was produced in the garage of Pelle’s grandfather, in the southwest of the Stockholm archipelago. To be honest, it didn't taste great. But still a pretty decent start. After years of fine tuning thousands of liters, trying numerous recipes – in 2014 we were finally ready for take-off and opened our own brewpub at Fjäderholmarna, a short boat trip from the Old Town in central Stockholm.

In 2017, we had our first big breakthrough at the Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival where we hit some kind of award grand slam (we're humble people but this was crazy). From that point, we got some serious tailwinds. Next up, we won the Swedish Beer Champion Award for our Imperial Stout Mr. Cocoa. This award was given to the best Swedish beer in all categories (really proud of this one!). From this point, the orders kept on coming and we started to outgrow our current brewery at Fjäderholmarna.

In 2020 we came to a crossroad – either we keep doing small batches, or we throw ourselves out here and trust our guts and scale up. We went for the later one since we truly believe we’re on to something great here. At the very peak of Covid-19 we opened our bigger production brewery in Bro, located in a peaceful environment just one hour drive from Fjäderholmarna. Our new bigger home has a yearly capacity of 400 000 liters and is now more than ready to serve our award-winning beers to beer loving people all over Sweden.

At this very moment we have a brand-new core line which will hit the shelfs shortly. Want to know what we're about to pour next? Follow our Instagram or Facebook. If you are more on the nerdy side, please check out our page on Untappd. Or why not simply try our beer for yourself at Systembolaget or selected pubs/restaurants.

Until next time – cheers!

Pelle Ågren & Andreas Willman
Founders of Fjäderholmarnas Bryggeri

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