Bar personnel & Runners to our brewpub at Fjäderholmarna

Fjäderholmarna is looking for bar personnel and runners at their brewpub in Stockholm Archipelago.

Welcome to a journey filled with big and small challenges, trusting your inner guts, and a never-ending pursuit of making great craft beer.

It all began in 2011. The first batch was produced in the garage of Pelle's grandfather in the southwest of the Stockholm archipelago. In 2014, we were finally ready for take-off and opened our brewpub at Fjäderholmarna, a short boat trip from the Old Town in central Stockholm.

In 2020 we opened a bigger production brewery in Bro, located in a peaceful environment just one hour drive from Fjäderholmarna. Our new bigger home has a yearly capacity of 400 000 liters and is now more than ready to serve our award-winning beers to beer-loving people all over Sweden.

Now we are looking for bar personnel and runners for our brewpub at Fjäderholmarna. If you are passionate, love craft beer, and enjoy a mix of beer-loving people, this is an opportunity for you.

Until next time – cheers!

Terms of employment

20220430 (can be flexible)

Type of employment:
Seasonal work

Experience is an advantage. Passion is more important.

3-4 months

Working hours:
Full time and part-time

Wage form:
Hourly wage

Application (Bar personnel & Runners)

Apply with CV and cover letter to:

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